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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions


  1.  Amy’s Bake House is a Home based Council approved, fully licenced & Insured Business.
  2.  Amy’s Bake House is a member of Australian Cake Decorating Network.
  3.  Cakes are customized as per client request based on the decorator’s artistic talent & client needs. Please be
    aware that no custom cakes can be ‘exactly’ the same, unless there is a magic wand.
  4. Cake orders needs to be placed via Mob text/voice message, email or FB messenger.
  5.  Allow a 12 hr gap in replying ( during peak days –FRI-SUN)
  6.  Orders needs to be placed at least 2 weeks or early before the event to secure the slot & that too depending
    on date availability only.
  7.  Orders that require hand crafting & customized acrylic / wooden cake toppers requires at least one month’s
  8. Once the quote is approved, following deposit should be paid for the final confirmation within 24 hrs of
    invoice notice. Orders below $125 must be paid in full for order confirmation.

  9. For orders placed closer to date(1-less than a week), whatever the amount is, must be paid in full for final Order Confirmation.

Deposit Amount

Price Range


125to $200


201 to $300


$301 to $500

50% of the price

$501 and above

  1. Full payments should be done before picking up the cake.
  2. Payments can be made using bank transfer/credit card. Card transactions will incur additional 2.2% surcharge
    if paying through Square.
  3.  If the deposit is not made as per the set time, Amy’s Bake House will be entitled to cancel the order as the
    order has not been undergone it’s final confirmation.
  4. There is a cancellation fee of $25 for orders ranging from $100-$200 & for orders above $200, the deposit
    amount will be considered as compensation for the time & work carried on the cake.
  5.  Amy’s Bake House will not be responsible for any copyright issues if a client persist in copying exactly the
    same creation of another decorator. So far all the cakes are solely the creation of Amy’s Bake House even if
    clients send their desired cake images which is used only for quoting &inspiration purpose.
  6. Please confirm the colour scheme precisely as the reference photo images will always vary with colour shades
    due to different mobile colour tone settings.
  7.  Amy’s Bake House will not be responsible for any issues arising due to the addition of anything edible, non-edible or *fresh flowers to the cake after it leaves the premise by the client or anyone handling the cake other than the confirmed request (*all flowers are not cake friendly)
  8. Amy’s Bake House will not be responsible for any allergy claims related to the consumption of our product
    as we don’t specialize in allergy free cakes. And it’s the sole responsibility of the customer to make sure of
    the allergy issues in relation to whom they cater for.
  9. Contactless pick up is available from the premise & QR code scanning is a must. Amy’s Bake House will
    not be responsible for any damages caused to the cake due to any transport or handling issues once it leaves
    our premise.
  10.  Amy’s Bake House has the right to not accept an order if there is an inappropriate content that may hinder
    the reputation of the business.
  11.  Under unforeseen unavoidable circumstances due to Covid-19 or any other issues, Amy’s Bake House has
    the right to cancel an order with an alternative if available.
  12.  If the order is cancelled due to covid snap lockdown and if the cake is fully baked and decorated, Amy’s
    Bake House cannot do a refund and cake must be accepted by the client.
  13.  However the *refund will be made if there is enough time and no baking has started( *refund amount doesn’t
    include the cost for toppers or any handcrafts already carried out for the cake)
  14.  “Perfection & Client Satisfaction” the prayerful mottos of Amy’s Bake House